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    This week, Nursery will be still be adjusting to the new school routine along with starting letters, colors, shapes, numbers and more!

Letter: This week the children will be learning the letter A! They will be introduced to the A sound, A words and how to make letter A. Crafts involving letter A will include A is for Apple, A is for Angel, apples, A dot paint and more. We will be reading such stories pertaining letter A such as Johnny Appleseed, Ten Apples Up On Top, The Ants Go Marching and more!

Number: The children will be introduced to the number 1 this week. They will learn how to make number 1, letters spelling number 1 and making projects about letter 1.

Shape: We will be learning about a Circle this week. The children will learn how to recognize a circle, how to draw/trace a circle and things around the world that are circles.

Color: This week, the children will be learning about the color red. We will be learning a song for the color red, things in the world that are red and using red as a primary color for dot painting and playdough centers.

     **The children are learning and making projects corresponding with the Catholic Religion. They are learning the sign of the cross, prayers and grace. 

AM Routine: The children are settling into the new school routine very nicely! Our routine include unpacking, table top centers, circle time where we sing our good morning song, good morning prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Go Bless America, Days of the Week, Months and review the weather. After Circle time we move into our lesson, followed by bathroom break, special according to that day, snack, story time and centers. Leading into the AM dismissal. 

PM Routine: After lunch, the children participate in Quiet Time followed by the lesson for the afternoon. After our lesson, we will have a bathroom break and snack. After snack, we have our second story for the day which is followed by centers and free play. Tuesday afternoons we have gym, all other PM sessions involve movement in the classroom such as yoga and brain breaks.



  • Please have the children wear sneakers Monday and Tuesday when we have gym.
  • We have music on Tuesday AM.
  • Please label jackets and other accessories.


Hot Lunch:

  • Tuesday: Pretzels $2.00
  • Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets $2.50
  • Thursday: Pizza $2.50
  • Meatball Hero: Grilled Cheese $2.50


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

–Philippians 4:13


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