3rd Grade Computer

The 3rd graders are learning Internet safety rules.

In January, 3rd graders watched a video about digital animation.  The students then created their own animations using the program Animation-ish.

Back in Oct. the 3rd graders watched a video about the engineering design process and then became engineers as they worked on a STEM project for Halloween.  The students were given the task of creating a structure out of toothpicks and pumpkin candy.  First the students individually sketched out on paper (a blueprint) of their idea for a structure. Then students worked together to actually create the structures with the materials.  Groups came to understand why they needed to work as a group on one structure and not be an individual as it became apparent that as one added more toothpicks and pumpkin candy the other needed to work at keeping the structure steady.  Some groups also came to the conclusion that they needed support candy pumpkins and toothpicks in the middle of their structure to help keep the structure steady.

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candy structures boys