8th Grade Computer
Students are working in Adobe PhotoShop to blend three pictures together.  The students are using a background from KidPix and then two pictures from Google and/or saved pictures on the machine.  One picture is to have something that relates to the background and the other picture is to have something not related to the background at all.  The students will then use the tools in AdobePhotoshop to blend the pictures and create a whole new picture.

The 8th graders created their own lyrics to the song "My Next Thirty Years"

In Jan. and Feb. the students learned about spreadsheets and applied what they learned in order to complete homework about spreadsheets.
In December 8th graders worked on various activities in code.org related to computer programming.

8th grade students completed stop motion projects.  The students used apps iMotion and Stop Motion on the iPads to create the videos.  


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