Dress Code

It is our conviction that the personal appearance of the students contributes to the general environment of study and good order.  Students in Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten do not have a formal requirement.  For safety reasons, students in the Early Childhood program must wear closed toe and closed back shoes.
Slip-ons, sandals, and loose fitting shoes are a safety concern. Students usually go outside for recreation and should have proper outerwear to match predicted temperatures.

The length of the boys' hair is not to reach the collar of his shirt and is to be neatly groomed.  Hair is not to cover the forehead of the boy's face.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings during school time or at any school related activity.

Girls are permitted to wear one pair of earrings.  The girls' hair is to be neatly groomed. Head bands, barrettes, scrunchies, etc. are to be used to keep the hair in place.  Hair coloring of any kind is strictly prohibited. No make-up of any kind is permitted.

We anticipate that all parents will cooperate and support the dress code and regulations of Our Lady of Mercy School.

Gray slacks, regulation style and color; white knitpolo shirt,regulation style(short or long sleeved);solidgreencardigansweater or official green sweatshirt;sneakers(optional: khakishorts maybe worn9/1 - 10/15and5/1-6/30)

Grades 1 - 8
Gray slacks, regulation style and color; white or yellow shirts (long orshortsleeved); solid green cardigansweater orgreensweatshirt;uniform beltandtie. (optional: khaki shorts andwhitepoloshirt may beworn from9/1 - 10/15 and5/1 - 6/30)

School jumper with white knit polo shirt,regulation style (short orlongsleeved);solid greencardigansweater orofficial greensweatshirt;sneakers;dark green or white kneesocks oranklets;tightsarepermitted incoldweather(optional: skort with poloshirt9/1-10/15and 5/1 -6/30)

Grades 1 - 6
White or yellow blouse (long or short sleeved); school jumper andtie;darkgreen or white knee socks or anklets,(leotards arepermittedin coldweather -solids, no plaids or argyles);solid greencardigansweater orgreenuniform sweatshirt (optional: skort withpoloshirt9/1-10/15 and5/1-6/30)

Grades 7 - 8
White or yellow blouse (long or short sleeved); uniform skirt andvest,darkgreen; blackor white knee socksoranklets;stockingsmay alsobe worn(optional: white knit regulation shirt and skortmay beworn9/1-10/15and5/1-6/30)

The sweatshirt or the dark green uniform sweaters purchased from the Flynn & O'Hara Uniform Company will be the only outer clothing that may be worn in the classroom.

Boys Gray uniform socks, white/black tube of turn cuff socks  

Girls dark green, black, or white knee socks - Dark green, white, or black opaque tights, stockings, white cuff socks 

BOYS' & GIRLS' SHOES: Grades 1 - 8

The style of shoes offered by Official Shoes, Inc. are to be worn.  The shoes may be purchased at a store of your choice.

FOR GYM (Boys & Girls) White turn cuff socks or white tube socks, tie or velcro sneakers

Boys' and Girls' Gym uniform (Grades K - 8) Official school uniform tee shirt, shorts (9/1 - 10/15 and 5/1 - 6/30) jogging pants 10/16 - 4/30. The official school sweatshirt is optional. 

All components of the official school uniform may be purchased at:


Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms, Inc.

131 Sunnyside Blvd.

Suite 104

Plainview, NY 11803

Flynn & O'Hara School Uniforms



1155 Westfield Sunrise Mall

Massapequa, NY 11758

The members of the Girl Scouts, Brownie Troops, and Cub Scouts are excused from wearing their school uniform on their meeting days.

The official school uniform need not be worn when a student is celebrating his/her birthday, when administration permits a Dress Down Day, or when a student is utilizing a NUT card.

Dress Down Day Rules/Regulations 

   1. No sleeveless tops, tank tops/spaghetti straps, bare midriff back tops  are to to be worn.

   2. No flip flops or backless shoes/sandals are to be worn.

   3. Shorts, skirts, or dresses must fit properly and be finger-tip length or longer. "Skinny jeans," leggings, or similar styled pants must be worn with a sweater or top that reaches below the hip line. Baggy pants, ripped jeans, maxi dresses, or "high" heels are not to be worn.

   4. Cleanliness and neatness are expected.

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