February 15, 2019 

1. Sign papers in test folder and return when we are back to school Feb.25th

2. Script - 2 practice pages are attached

3. Read and write your biography book report

4. Math - study sub. facts

5. Read for Feb. Book It 

6. Read for RED folder each night - 10 minutes

7. February Book Report is on a famous person.  Read a biography.  Mrs. S.G. showed the children where the Who Was?  books are in the school library.  The children will receive a paper telling what they can write about their famous person.  They can hand write it or type it on the computer and print it out.  Mrs. S.G. helped them with a picture in computer class.  It is not due till March 1st!

8. Work on Science Project due March 4th.

 Enjoy the week off!  Stay healthy!