Classroom Expectations




   * Students are expected to be respectful at all times to everyone in our school   
   * Students are expected to respect school property and property of those around them.
   * Students are held accountable for their actions.

   * Students should be prepared daily with their homework. Please DO NOT run to school 
      with forgotten materials. (I am trying to encourage responsibility).


    * Students will hand in homework on time, neat, and with a genuine effort.
    * Students are expected to complete all tasks to the best of their ability.
    * Students are encouraged to ask for help when they do not understand something.
    * Students are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions in class discussions.
    * Students are expected to work with others in a cooperative environment.
    * Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of collaborating and 
       compromising in a small group setting.

Homework Policy
The benefits of homework are:

     * Reinforcement of skills and strategies learned in class.
     * Independent practice leads to mastery of material.
     * Teaches students responsibility for their work.
     * Teaches organizational and time management skills.

Homework Description

     * Students will be given an average of 30 minutes of homework daily.
     * Students will be expected to do 15 minutes of independent reading daily.
     * Completed homework should be done neatly and answers should be written in                               complete sentences.