Carter's 4th Grade Writer's
The 4th Grade ELA class will be working very hard this year. The students will be reading, writing and practicing test-taking strategies.
This year we read the novel "Eagle Song" about a young Native American living in Brooklyn. This book spanned many topics including acceptance, courage, kindness and understanding.

Book Reports

Each month a different genre was assigned for book reports. These reports were completed in school and varied with their questions and design.
The genre for March is Science Fiction. By the end of the school year the children will have become familiar with different types of books.

Writing is another component of ELA. It is in writing that spelling and grammar are reinforces. The children will write paragraphs of various topics, such as descriptive, persuasive and expository essays. In addition different types of poetry will be taught.

The 4th Grade ELA class will be doing a research report on a state. Each student was allowed to choose their state. This LTA (Long Term Assignment) will be done in school, however, the children may do their research using various sources. This project will be due: April 30th
Templates/Graphic organizers will be given to the students in order for them to plan and execute their report.