Miss Messina's Math Class


The May extra help schedule was distributed to all students. If you need more help, please let me know. We can arrange to meet during lunch/recess.


Geometry Review Sheet Answer Key
1. D
2. A regular polygon is a polygon in which all sides are congruent and all angles are congruent. A square is an example of a regular polygon.
3. A rectangle does NOT have all the attributes of a square. A rectangle does not have 4 congruent sides.
4. C
5. D
6. A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides and 4 angles.
7. Square
8. A polygon with 5 sides is called a pentagon.
9. Square
10. Parallel lines are lines that stay the same distance apart/never meet. 

We will review the second part of #10 tomorrow. If you have any questions about the answers, please let me know!



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