6th Grade Computer

6th graders are currently working on their typing skills in order to prepare for a state field test.  

The students were given some time to work on their Mercy commercial for music class.

The sixth graders are worked on projects related to the states and their groups.  Students have taken a picture in front of a "green screen".  This picture will be used along with a picture of a place of interest in the group's state to make one combined picture using the program Wax 2.0.  Each student will create a postcard to his/her parent(s) detailing his/her "trip" with his/her classmate.  The picture that is created in Wax 2.0 will be used as the front of the postcard.

Sixth graders completed their collaborative project in Google Docs.  Students are worked in pairs on a state project in Google Docs.  The project allowed the students to become familiar with Google Docs and the sharing aspect of the program.  The pair shared the document and worked on it simultaneously at two different computers.  The project also touched upon layout design learned in 5th grade.