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~ Ms. Zeller ~
God our Father, 
You are the creator of all things, the most perfect and wonderful of all artists!
Lord, help us to recognize the talents you have given us and to always use our gifts to glorify and honor you.
Help us to follow the example of St. Catherine of Bologna (the patron saint of artists) and to be the best artist we can be.

- Carol Sarro (Art Teacher - St. Rose of Lima School, Massapequa)

Early Childhood artists are introduced to many different types of media and work on motor skills with a concentration on coloring, painting and cutting. In the beginning of the school year we do a lot of work with colors and shapes. Smart Board activities are also used often in class.
Our elementary artists continue to build in the skills they have already learned.  As students get older, more responsibility is put on them to make choices concerning their artwork related to color, design and composition.  Craftsmanship and how they work on their art is a subject we discuss often.
Middle school artists work at refining their fine arts skills such as their knowledge and use of art materials, drawing from life and composition skills.  Many forms of art and art history are discussed and related to or are the subjects of projects worked on in class.
The "Elements of Art" and "Principles of Design" are taught and utilized through all of the grades. Students are exposed to current art trends, art history, and classical and contemporary artists.