7th Grade Computer

Students are working in Adobe PhotoShop to blend three pictures together.  The students are using a background from KidPix and then two pictures from Google and/or saved pictures on the machine.  One picture is to have something that relates to the background and the other picture is to have something not related to the background at all.  The students will then use the tools in AdobePhotoshop to blend the pictures and create a whole new picture.

H.W. - Spreadsheet worksheet Due Tuesday Feb. 13th - look in Useful Resources for worksheet.
7th graders are currently learning about spreadsheets, using  Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.  Students are becoming familiar with using cell addresses in formulas.  Students also had a discussion about the careers that use spreadsheets. 

Seventh grade students worked on a cyber safety and anti-bullying unit of study.  Students created a unity chain as part of this study.  Students are to create a poster, PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation, video, or skit based on the information that was taught in four areas - personal safety, cyberbullying, grooming process, and intellectual property.  Projects are due Tues. Jan. 23rd.

Pictures of students creating marble run roller coasters  


roller costers3rollercoaster4