7th Grade Science- Mrs. Gomula

     Extra help is available before and after school. Please let me know the day you would like to come to make sure it doesn't conflict with meetings. Extra help is also available Monday, Wednesday and Friday during recess.              



LA Unified is close to completing a solar power program at ...

Students have started a new Unit on Energy. Students will investigate forms of energy such as chemical, electromagnetic, sound, electrical, elastic, etc. To demonstrate their knowledge, students will create a poster highlighting one form of energy and identify potential/kinetic energy, energy transfer and energy transformation.


Students continued investigating Forces and Motion by exploring Newton's Laws of Motion. Students have created a model to demonstrate their understanding of balanced/unbalanced forces, inertia, acceleration, velocity and Newton's Laws. Students will begin investigating Magnetism during our next unit.


Students have been investigating Forces and Motion for the last month. During our studies, students attended a Technology Day at Adventureland in Farmingdale. Students observed the construction of each ride, determined the forces and motion behind each ride and got the chance to experience the thrill of the rides! 


           Welcome back to another exciting year of Science!
Look forward to working on projects and experiments to help enhance the study of our content material. We'll be focusing on Engineering Design, Matter and its Interactions, Motion and Stability, Forces and Interactions, Energy and Waves and their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer.


Enjoy your time off. Try your hand at making a balloon-powered car. Bring to class when school starts so we can have a race.

The following website has great information to help with your design and construction.