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Welcome to Kindergarten 1

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The Kindergarten Curriculum

The goal of Our Lady of Mercy School's Kindergarten program is for each child to succeed in a safe and comfortable Christian learning environment.  The Kindergarten curriculum includes the following areas: Religion, ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Social Studies, Science, STEM, Art, Music, Gym, Computer, Library, and Spanish.  The children are encouraged to be independent, but will also work cooperatively with others.

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Parents can help support their child's learning by adopting these practices:
*Slowing down and recognizing everyday activities as learning opportunities
*Giving their child daily opportunities to express him/herself through art, music, language, and dance
*Reading to their child everyday

*Looking for opportunities to point out shapes, numbers, letter, and words in everyday life
*Honoring their child's right to open-ended, creative play

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Kindergarten Rules 
*Be kind to others
*Raise your hand to speak
*Respect and listen to others 
*Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself
*Always do your best work


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What Is Going On In K1? 

This week we are:
*Creating, blending, and decoding short e word family words 
*Understanding and celebrating Valentine's and 100th Day of School
*Recognizing and counting numbers 6-10, greater, less, and equal to, ordinal numbers
*Understanding that God Gave Us Jesus

***Sight words taught thus far: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, pink, see, the, my, is, to, little, we, will, this, go, in, it, God, Jesus, one, two, three, four, five, zero, for, zero, what, of, and, for, up, down, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, here
__________________________                                                 Notepad.png

Please have your child do h.w. in pencil  only.  Coloring should only be done in crayonsPlease have your child write his/her name on the top of every page of h.w. and parents MUST look over and sign the h.w. each night.


Sight words: ten, here
En word family page
Math: pgs. 141-142
***Pizza lunch tomorrow-$2.50


Math: pgs. 149-150
Et word family page
***Meatball hero lunch tomorrow-$3
***Valentine's cards due tomorrow

Ed word family page
Math: one less pg
 ***Chicken Sandwich lunch tomorrow-$2.50
***100th day project due tomorrow

Eg/En word family page
Math: pgs. 155-156
***Mac and Cheese lunch tomorrow-$2.50 

Review short e word family pages
Have a great weekend!
Sign and return progress report



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