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   Suggested activity:  set a realistic goal for each    week- how many days a week did you exercise more than 15 min. and what did you do?  Share with us in PE Class



No Bullying Zone

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Everyone tries their best and we respect each other's differences.


Objectives For Our Lady of Mercy Students

  • The PE program at OLM offers each child in Nursery-8th Grade the development of lifetime skills and an understanding of personal and acceptable social behavior while engaging in physical activity. In each class students are exposed to flexibility, cardio work-outs, agility and strength to encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle.  Skill development takes place in sports such as soccer, basketball, jumping rope, relays etc. All are age appropriate.  Sportsmanship is an integral part of the physical education curriculum. 


  • Shaming and Bullying are not tolerated at any grade level and are dealt with very seriously.

  • Students are encouraged and expected to participate in developmental activities to achieve lifetime skills of cooperation, self-esteem, exercise, problem solving, sportsmanship and teamwork . Our Lady of Mercy Phys. Ed program includes, music, dance, and developmental sport activities. Visitors with various expertise from outside programs are invited to enhance our program when possible.    
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Students are assessed based on the following skills and achievements:

  • the student demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement
  • student applies knowledge of concepts related to the sport or activity at hand
  • the student recognizes the value of physical activity for health and enjoyment
  • student shows responsible personal and social behavior that respects self as well as others
  • the athlete displays an acceptable level of physical activity to maintain a healthy body and mind

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Class Rules  for 2018/2019

 Be PREPARED for class:

* Students are to wear OLM gym uniforms or OLM sweatsuit and sneakers on their gym day. 
OLM gym shorts can be worn until Oct. 15.  Sweat pants are required after Oct. 15. 

* Altar servers or Lectors must wear their school uniform and then change after their mass assignment. 

*Girls with long hair must have a hair scrunchees, clip or ribbon to secure their hair.  

  • * No jewelry, hanging earrings are permitted.
  •  Leave all jewelry, preferably at home or in your classroom.

      ** Students are permitted to wear their own clothing on their birthday, nut card days, or dress down days, however it must be appropriate play clothing.  Sneakers must be worn or brought to school. ** 

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*** Students are not permitted to wear slip on sneakers or converse cloth sneakers! 

What's going on in Mrs. Gorman's PE?

January & February

Finding our way!

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Nursery-Pre K Grade-
Students continue to advance playing together, sharing ride on toys and resolving conflicts.  We have begun some basic catching and throwing techniques.  Please practice with your child.  Soft foam balls and balloons are great for alleviating fears of a ball hitting their face. They love pretend snowball fights.   

Grades 3-8-
Students will demonstrate control of the volleyball by bumping, setting and serving using proper technique.  Students will engage in prerequisite volleyball games/activities,  (age appropriate) or a volleyball game.


Thursday- January 31

vs.  8th Grade Volley Ball Game

All are welcome to cheer both teams on!


Call Ron at 516-639-2444
Call Ron at 516-639-2444 
Call Ron at 516-639-2444 for group discounts
Call Ron at 516-639-2444 for group discounts