Mrs. Gorman's Physical Education

Kids  need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

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Family Fun Time:
Take a family walk after dinner
Go on a bike ride
Play ball:  toss a ball, shoot hoops at a park, play tag,
take a hike

Moving Indoors:
Play music and have a family dance party
Blow up balloons and play indoor volleyball
Take a walk in the mall if it is raining
Go bowling or indoor skating
Have a treasure hunt in your home 

Summer is almost here. 
Check links for available camps.  If camp is not for you, set a calendar to plan activities through out the summer.  Swimmming, jogging, biking, roller blading are great ways to stay active.

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Jog-A-Thon- Was a big Success!
Thank you to all our Parent Volunteers!

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Friday- June 1
Field Day at Cantiague Park--Hicksville---was a rainout but I think we all agree Field Day was a success even though it took place at OLM School.

OLM Parents came to rescue and were great volunteers.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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   Suggested activity:  set a realistic goal for each    week- how many days a week did you exercise more than 15 min. and what did you do?  Share with us in PE Class



no bully

Everyone tries their best and we respect each other's differences.

You don;t want to wind up like this!

Don't be a couch potato this Summer.  Limit your media games!

Go to your local track and walk or jog with an adult.  Bicycle ride with friends. or call 516-343-6056



Looking Back: 2016/2017

  • Exciting New Experiences During Mrs. Gorman's PE Class-
    Tennis - sponsored by Hicksville Tennis Assoc.
    Yoga- Mr. Ahr- the husband of our Late Teacher
    Mrs.  Susan Ahr shared their expertise with a team of teachers from his Yoga studio
    Hockey-sponsored by the New York Islanders
    Field Day: Cantiague Park-Hicksville
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  •  Looking Ahead -2017/2018
  • Researching grant opportunity to obtain tennis equipment, and assistance with class instruction----Yeah! OLM received all the equipment and curriculum for Tennis(compliments of USTA) Students will experience this opportunity in the Spring.
  • make an effort to schedule visits from team professionals to encourage team effort, cooperation and respect of teammates
  • further enhancement of PE instruction with specialized instrction from the surrounding community
  • Strive to have an offsite adventure

Objectives For Our Lady of Mercy Students

  • Students are encouraged and expected to participate in developmental activities to achieve lifetime skills of cooperation, self-esteem, exercise, problem solving, sportsmanship and teamwork . Our Lady of Mercy Phys. Ed program includes, music, dance, and developmental sport activities. Visitors with various expertise from outside programs are invited to enhance our program when possible.    

    Students are assessed based on the following skills:

effort success

  • the student demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement
  • student applies knowledge of concepts related to the sport or activity at hand
  • the student recognizes the value of physical activity for health and enjoyment
  • student shows responsible personal and social behavior that respects self as well as others
  • the athlete displays an acceptable level of physical activity to maintain a healthy body and mind

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Class Rules  for 2017/2018

 Be PREPARED for class:

* Students are to wear OLM gym uniforms or OLM sweatsuit and sneakers on their gym day.  

* Altar servers or Lectors must wear their school uniform and then change after their mass assignment. 

*Girls with long hair must have a hair scrunchees, clip or ribbon to secure their hair.  

  • * No jewelry, hanging earrings are permitted.
  •  Leave all jewelry, preferably at home or in your classroom.

      ** Students are permitted to wear their own clothing on their birthday, nut card days, or dress down days, however it must be appropriate play clothing.  Sneakers must be worn or brought to school. ** 

*** Students are not permitted to wear slip on sneakers or converse cloth sneakers! 
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Call Ron at 516-639-2444
Call Ron at 516-639-2444 
Call Ron at 516-639-2444 for group discounts
Call Ron at 516-639-2444 for group discounts