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Faith Formation takes place in three distinct places: the home, the parish, the educational component (school, religious education session, homeschooling). First, parents must be formed themselves in order to provide good solid formation 
in the home. Therefore parent meetings are held in the parish to assist the parents in their responsibility no matter where the child's education takes place. Second, parish activities are needed for all children every year in order to assist them in the development of a strong Catholic identity. These activities are based on and flow from participation in the Sunday Eucharist. Third, these include all parish seasonal events in the parish such as retreats, celebration of Reconciliation, outreach projects, and service projects in the parish. Our Lady of Mercy parish follows the curriculum and educational materials approved by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. 

September 26, 2018:  24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mark 8-27:35

God promised to send humanity a savior.  During King David's reign, God clarified that this savior would be a son of David, be like a son to God, and rule on an eternal throne.

Non of David's immediate sons fulfilled the promise, but the prophets kept the hope alive for one of his descendants.  A messiah is someone who is anointed priest or king.  Jews came to believe there would be one Messiah whom God would anoint to fulfill his promises.

In today's Gospel, theories are swirling regarding whom Jesus might be.  Peter declares the disciples' belief that he is this promised Messiah.

Jesus then explains that he must suffer, be rejected, and die.  From Peter's Jewish perspective, this is not part of God's promise!  So his "rebuke" of Jesus is understandable: Jesus' words do not fulfill expectations and Peter probably does not want such harm for his friend and mentor.

It is only after the Resurrection that early Christians began to see suffering  in Jewish Scripture as referencing Jesus.  So why did Jesus call Peter "Satan" when Peter did not have the full understanding of the Messiah?

Satan is a Hebrew noun that means "adversary."  Over time it developed into the name for the fallen angels working against God.  By calling Peter "Satan," Jesus is not necessarily saying Peter is God's archenemy, but in his denial of Jesus' suffering, Peter is an adversary to God's plans.  Today's Gospel concludes with Jesus reminding Peter that God's ways are not ours, but God calls us to share in what is best, even if not easiest.

ASK YOURSELF: ​ Where in your life has God's plan been different from yours yet led to a good result!  Where might you be an adversary to God's plan?

LIVE THE GOSPEL:  Pray for the wisdom to know God's plan for you and the courage to accept and live it!

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